Research Statement

During my Ph.D. studies and later on postdoctoral research period, I looked into applying deep learning techniques to computer vision tasks. Specifically, we investigated medical image processing tasks that affect medical care and the real-life clinical environment and published a few research articles in this direction. These studies helped me better understand deep learning techniques, specifically convolutional neural networks (CNNs), to apply in the medical domain. In addition, I participate in various medical image processing competitions of classification, segmentation, multi-modal analysis tasks, and attend the relevant conferences and symposium whenever it is possible. In this regard, I would like to participate in transforming healthcare by teaching computers to ‘see’ and ‘understand’ medical images through various exciting research. We can investigate computer vision and medical image analysis tasks by developing advanced computational techniques, exchanging innovative ideas, and collaborating to accelerate the development in this area that has an impact on medical care and life-saving settings.